DENSO alternators

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Automatic vehicles as well as some manual vehicles come with alternators that replace the old auto generators. The latter was used by vehicles to generate the power required for the car to function. The modern day alternators such as the Denso alternators are modified and enhanced to match the technological advancement in the vehicle industry.

DENSO alternators

Minimal brush abrasion and wear

Denso alternators are compatible with motorsports vehicles due to their high efficiency, light weight and durability. There are remanufactured Denso alternators that undergo a grueling process: rectifiers and stators are tested up top 300 volts, and the rotors submitted up to 600 volts for a reliable performance. The rotor slip rings have got an eight-micron surface finish and the runout limit being twenty microns .this minimizes the brush abrasions and wear. Bearings are loaded with lubricants with OE standards while the remanufactured or new alternators are validated up to OE standards.

First Time Fit®

These alternators meet the Denso thorough fit standards and come in versions varying from forty to a hundred and sixty amperes or beyond for particular vehicle applications. Modern vehicles come with many complicated electronic systems thus placing a huge demand on their charging systems. The alternator is, therefore, no area to cut corners.

Illustration Details:

1. Bearing 100 percent tested to meet OE standards, reparked using the OEM grade lubricants.

2. Stator Insulation of 600 volts.

3. Rotor insulation and Performance of 600 volts.

4. Housing damage checked for improper surface alignment, corrosion, and warping and retaped to meet the OE standards.

5. Hardware 100 percent stripped and also replated.

6. Rectifier Performance tested up to 300 volts.

7. 100 percent OE standard Voltage Regulator.

8. Slip Ring re-machined to a medium size of 8 microns


• Precise OE assembly benchmark and premium cores

• meet the grueling heat as well as electrical requirements

• First Time Fit® offers a perfect mounting without pulley/ belt alignment issues

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